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mydarhon - in situations like this, especially when years of health issues, and cancer, have been a part of your health history, you must walk backwards through time, step by step, day by day, and unravel the situation in its present state to untie the knots, repair each issue that has created more health knots, and slowly, but surely, find your way back to the root cause or causes of such health trauma.

There was a cause for your very first health concern, but modern medicine doesn't take the time to search for the cause; they take the quick way out and medicate, operate, and re-medicate for quick and easy solutions. The cause appears to have never been removed.

So, yes, detox, detox, detox for the rest of your life, and stay away from ALL food chemicals and fake foods. It is time to return to feeding your body only the real foods and drinks. Replace depleted nutrients from a chemical diet with vitamins and slowly, day by day, this issue will be revealed, and then wellness will be yours to keep!

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hi everyone there!

I'm so interested in sharing information regarding health issues as i'm a regular reader of online articles regarding health.

The title of this very article tells the tale and makes the reader thinks how important this small part is for the human body. M looking forward to more information regarding the importance of Pancreas from ur side.


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mydarhon - some additional comments on your post:

I never recommend stopping the program your primary doctor has you on, but I do recommend detoxing from the source of your health problems ASAP, stopping ALL chemicals you are eating, especially the chemical sweeteners. Medications are chemicals that can be toxic, too, so once you back away from all the chemicals that you are eating and drinking, then:

1) replace those toxins with the natural and healthy foods and drinks,
2) detox from the chemicals accumulating inside your body,
3) replace all depleted nutrients with healthy vitamins.

Then, you should begin requiring lower doses of your meds, and should eventually be able to stop using them. Your doctor most probably will not see it this way, but if you get well, and get off the drug dependencies, your need for medical services will save you quite a bit of money and your pharmacy bill will go way down, and you will have achieved true wellness.

Why don't you research my Detox KIT; it has a workbook, a DVD and CD  and a pH Test Kit that will TEACH you how to do this for a lifetime program of healthy living. Check it out at … x-k39.html

THIS is the place to get some answers and solutions. It is a cheaper way to beat this downward spiral that will always demand more and more of your money filling prescriptions.

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Allen,  research the pancreas on-line and at the library and have some fun digging deeply into this incredible organ. Humans have skipped some steps concerning the human body - every detail is complex and interrelated. When the pancreas is malfunctioning, simply medicating it is not enough. Learning how to strengthen it is also necessary, and that comes through nutrition and wellness programs.

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Dr. Hull, My 8 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in Aug, 2009.  He is on the insulin pump.  Diabetes is not in our family genes.  When he was two he placed a small battery up his nose that was removed the next day.  Alternative health doctors have said that the diabetes is due to the metal and mercury in his body from both the battery and from pediatric vaccines. They told us that we have to help him eliminate the metals from his body and stimulate the pancrease to start working again. They told us to change his diet to completely organic, no milk, no wheat and many other changes. Can you please help us figure out what you we should do?  Also, they believe that his diabetes can be reversed.  Has type 1 diabetes ever been reversed?  Can it truly be done?  Please help us help him. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
Thank you.

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Yes, I can help. It sounds like you have some exceptional doctors; recommending nutritional alternatives is rare for traditional medicine, so you are very fortunate.

Typically, once someone is on insulin, it is unusual for them to get off of it, but he is young and if the cause of this is removed ASAP and he restores his pancreas before it completely shuts down, he can get off the insulin. Many people successfully have, and at all ages.

I recommend letting me do a hair analysis on him to see what level those metals presently are. Then, I can design a detox program for him to remove the metals. Once he is detoxed, then we can build the pancreas function back, and you can work with your doctor to wean him off the insulin.

Let's start there, and quickly.....


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A friend of mine is a pathologist at a hospital and last July she ran my blood work to check cholesterol & such, but she threw in a test for my amalyse & lipase and found them both to be elevated slightly (A: 179 / L: 92).  I didn't do much about it as I felt just fine (other than a little tummy ache now and again and slight nausea once in a while - I never connected them). 

She tested it again a couple months later, and found them to be about the same, so I decided to get it checked out which led, as you can imagine, to an odyssey of tests - upper right quadrant sonogram (clear), upper GI scope (all good too), and 2 MRIS of my pancreas & its ducts (also clear).  However, he did additional bloodwork to check my Trypsum and it was also elevated (121).

My doctor suggested that I abstain from alcohol for a couple months to see if the numbers would come down (it is not like I drank that much to begin with, but we had to stat somewhere), and after 3 weeks of not drinking my friend tested again and the numbers had shot up to A: 210, L: 1178.  I notified my doctor who has now referred me to Shands, however, they cannot see me for another 2 months.

I don't know why, but I started thinking perhaps Spelnda could have something to do with this maybe...?  I figured it out and I have anywhere from 2 to 5 packets per day depending on if I have coffee at night or drink an extra Pepsi One which contains Splenda.  It is likely the only thing that is consistent in my diet ~ I eat an otherwise low-fat, healthy diet and exercise regularly.  Anyway, this thought led me to some online research and to this forum.   What do you think?

And what are your thoughts on cooking sprays?  I use Pam butter spray frequently as well.

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If your liver is impacted enough for your doctor to recommend no alcohol, then the Splenda is a good deduction. The chlorine content is definitely NOT helping your health, and anytime the artificial chemical sweeteners are used and health issues continue, please remove all of them.

Read all your labels, too, because many times they blend one or more of the sweeteners together, so you get a double whammy.

Remove the Splenda, and see if this goes away, or at the very least, it will not make things worse. Keep us posted on your progress.


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Thanks for the reply.  The only mention of my liver was that it looked fine. He also said my pancreas did not look inflamed or swollen.  He felt that alcohol could be irritating the pancreas.  But since my numbers went up instead of down when I abstained for a few weeks leads me to believe it is not the problem (or entire problem anyway).  Not that I am a doctor :-)  My friend is due to run my blood end this week, so as soon as she does I will stop the Spelnda entirely and check it again in a month and see.  Any idea how fast it should change if indeed it is the issue?  I've got 2 months to kill before I go to Shands, so might as well try it!

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Well that's good that the liver is fine. Alcohol would impact the liver enzymes, so I guess he was concerned about your blood sugar. Yes, remove ALL diet sweeteners and any other unnecessary food chemicals that you can. Then see in one-month - this should be a good benchmark. By two months, I hope you do not need any more tests.


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Me too :-)  I don't know that he was concerned about my blood sugar, at least he never said that.  I believe it was more that he thinks that alcohol was irritating my pancreas.  That, he said.  I said that I didn't drink that much (or so I thought) and he said it could be as little as one drink if I were sensitive to it.

All that being said, I am going to get off Spelnda etc. and see in a couple months.  I'll come back & let you know.  Thanks.

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Let us know. I am a bit confused at your doctor's logic, tho. He didn't explain much. But I always want explanations before I can make a decision. Sounds like you are going to figure this out on your own.


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Well, haven't figured out anything at this point.  I went off the Splenda for a solid 4 weeks and nothing changed.  I have been to Shands twice.  On the first visit, a consultation, they said they thought I was just at the high end of normal when it came to my pancreatic enzymes.  They also suggested (seemingly as an afterthought) that perhaps I had gastroparesis and suggested a gastric emptying test involving a radioactive egg.  I declined this test since, if I do have gastroparesis, it is very mild and I wouldn't accept meds for it because it is so mild, AND, most importantly, it would not explain the elevated pancreatic enzymes, which is what this journey has been all about in the first place.

Then I went back to Shands for an endoscopic ultrasound of my pancreas which has been pronounced completely normal.  I am very happy about this.  I was worried about having chronic pancreatitis.  They also said that they didn't think any of this was alcohol-related.

I have gotten used to not drinking, so have kept to that for the most part, however I went on a biz trip last week, lots of after-hours socializing and I had a few cocktails (1-3 per day) for 5 days in a row and on the afternoon of the 5th day, I got the stomach ache all over again and it has stayed with me for nearly 5 days now (with no alcohol).  So, go figure.  Who knows.  I am a little burned out on tests at this point.

That's my update...  Still waiting for a wrap-up from Shands.

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Dr Hull, I have previously done your cancer detox for the threat of Colon cancer, which cleared up the dysplasia brilliantly. Last year in April I landed up in ICU with severe acute pancreatitis, and was literally at death's door!) I lost most of my pancreas and they took out the gall bladder (a gall-stone got caught in the pancreatic duct) I am now totally insulin dependant (inject) although the digestive system is working, (they have not put me on pancreatic enzyme support.) although I think it may be a good idea for additional support. I am not yet back to full strength, and my overactive thyroid problem is also back (probably due to the mass drug intake during my illness?) with the added problem of thyroid eye disease.... I would like to go on the cancer prevention detox again and get rid of the chemicals in the body and back to health but am not sure if these new problems need to be taken into consideration. can you please adivse me. Thanks D

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Beej - I would say that you are on your way to wellness, but give it some time and do avoid everything that exacerbates this weakness. Remember that your body has been putting up with these toxins for a long time, and restoring your pancreas and liver strength doesn't happen quickly - sorry to say. Keeping it from getting worse happens quickly, but remember that our modern medical set-up with "drugs that mask the real issues" has given us a false sense of security because the meds numb things quickly and make us think we're well. The catch here is you have to remain on the meds to keep thinking that. Without the meds and with consistent dietary precautions, wellness happens, but it takes time for the body to repair naturally.

Stay tried-and-true to a healthier lifestyle where anything you eat and drink is healthy for you. Over time as you keep taking your vitamins and eating naturally, your body should get stronger and stronger.

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ddmoore58 - read the post I wrote to Beej because this applies to you, too. Make sure that you are not back, exposed to the toxins that first started your health issues, and now that you are on insulin, take extra care to baby your body as it now needs more gentle-loving-care.

I have detoxed, personally, for the past 20 years, and I will detox for the rest of my life. I keep my house clean, my clothes pristine, my car is clean and my engine filled with clean oil and fluids. Do this for your body, and remain on the cancer detox forever. This secures future health and wellness. Maybe this will keep your body strong and help you resist any future issues.

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Thanks Dr Hull, I will go ahead with the detox. I just needed to make sure there wasn't anythng adverse with the new conditions I have. Not sure where I get the detox stuff from now that you no longer sell it? Thanks

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