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I have detoxed with your complete program only once and know that I must do this again.  I am mostly working with a crazy digestive system (still) which has led to a search for the best nutrition for my body.  Do you mind giving an opinion on nutritional typing (protein type, carb type, protein/carb type)?

I have come a long way since beginning this healthy journey last October but I still have so far to go.  I so appreciate your site, advice, and products more than I could write in words.  Thank you!

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You have brought up a good point - how long does reversing toxicity take? The Big Pharma has led us to believe that you can take a pill and within minutes, all health symptoms are gone. Well, the symptoms may be masked, but they are not gone. This takes time.  And a lifetime of band-aides never gets to the root of the problem.

Detox for as long as the body needs the help. Toxins may be deep tissue, and pulling them up and out is work. Consistency is the key word here.

I agree with eating for your blood type, and I recommend the original metabolic typing program (There are spin-offs about this program, so go to the original work I reference in my Splenda book). I highly recommend the book, Eat For Your Blood Type. It is very good work.

And take acidophilus for your gut; this helps when the digestive track is irritated.

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Thank you so much for the reminder to be patient.  I will look at the books and check out acidophilus.

...and the journey continues... smile

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Yes, the journey will continue even after this lifetime. We never, ever stop......

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How do you work  or can find out your nutritional type?

I noticed mentioned protein type,carb type & protein/carb type but we all need fruit and vegetables right?

I tend to go for a balanced diet and have recently went more for greenleafy vegetables,wheat and possibly a little meat though i don't think i like to eat too much meat. I have noticed folk in my family tend to favour more of the typs listed such as protein but I tend to warm to vegetables and love it raw and fresh as possible.

So How can or could one try to work out one's N. type?

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Another thought would be the blood type diet but that rather gets pretty high tech for me.


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Go straight to the original source - a book that came out in the 1970s (or 1980s) called Eat 4 Your Type is the best resource for this information. Most everyone else has taken from this pioneering book and modified it. The original book is by far the best educational tool.

This is a good program, but not everyone fits into a strict mold. But, I highly recommend it. I also recommend Ellington Darden's work - he promotes eating smaller portions throughout the day, and the fresher the food, the better, of course. This is typically what all animals do - they graze, and eat when hungry, but small amounts at a time. Avoid processed foods and the artificial sweeteners, and give your body the most basic food stuffs possible. This typically results in permanent weight loss and better lifestyle habits.