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Hi Dr. Hull,

You sweat from the lymph glands?  Really?  Time to review your anatomy and physiology!  Here is a clip for you to save you time:
Do antiperspirants keep a person from sweating cancer-causing toxins out through their underarm lymph nodes?

Lymph nodes help clear out bacteria, viruses, and other possible threats to the body, but the lymph nodes do not release waste or toxins through sweating. In fact, lymph nodes are not connected to sweat glands. Sweat glands are located in the skin, not in the lymph nodes. Most cancer-causing substances that enter the body are removed from the blood by the kidneys and by the liver. Substances removed by the kidneys are released into urine, while those taken by the liver are released into bile. The bile then mixes with and is eliminated with feces.

Dr. David Mallory

I have MS and saw a posting that you cured your MS by cutting out aspartame so I ended up  looking at your site.  I don't see the MS link that the other person had referred to.  Did you, or do you have MS?

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Yes, the lymph nodes are indeed tiny organs that cluster at the armpit, neck, lower jaw and around the digestive tract that work to remove foreign cells. Yes, they pass their waste to the blood for excretion, but water also goes into the bloodstream, and as the water circulates in the blood, wastes in the water can be excreted out of the body via the skin through sweat. I believe that as water passes through the body, the lymph glands are affected. The glands in the jaw and  under the arm pit are a perfect example of areas that have exposure to enzymes (for digesting proteins) and pores (armpit) where excreting toxins from water takes place. And I do believe metals from deodorants absorb into the lymph glands at the armpit. Any toxins within these glands are not limited to excretion through blood only - those toxins   exposed to water within the body, hence, excrete from the body anywhere they can get out -  at the armpit in this case.

AT the very least, lymph glands absorb toxins and those toxins need to be cleansed by both blood and water channels.

The MS internet thing is NOT ME and I have written several articles available on the web explaining that someone used my book title, Sweet Poison, as a marketing tool for their own story. If you research this more thoroughly, it's not too hard to figure out that I was diagnosed with Grave's disease, not MS.

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dmvan2011 - dude, you a little tense? Do your research and think outside of your box. Lymph nodes in the armpit are where we release some of the most toxins - but you think they are located there to only release toxins in the blood; and those bloodbourne toxins go where, do you think? 

Dr. Hull, this dude needs to research your work before trying to slam you. There is nothing on your websites where you say you had MS - all your articles say Graves Disease.

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nash - thanks for your post. This guy could have opened a really good discussion, but he chose to attack me instead of learning why I support new and different ideas. I really have no time for people like that. Sad. Open your mind, try to learn something outside-of-your-box, but don't attack the messenger if you disagree with them.

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People are getting so tense these days and closed minded. It's like they want a fight. After all the good you have done and are doing, why would some jerk want to try to discredit you? What purpose does that serve if he would do his homework, he'd see you are just helping poeple. Jealous, maybe?