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Still in the process of evaluating why I have had watery diarrhea for 3 weeks now (only at the times of normal defecation am and in the eve...not ALL day and NO pain..
No parasites, bacteria found in stool test...
Bld tests look ok except for a IgM of 50 which is slightly low...(looking into that)
Stress as a cause is a DEFINITE possibility.

After having diarrhea for 2 weeks I realized I had been drinking cranberry, blueberry, pomegranate juices with club soda EVERY night (about 3 glasses a night). Also smaller amount of grape juice daily....ALL 4 bottles showed sucralose/splenda as an ingredient!

I have since stopped using anything with sucralose for a week now, but I still have the same symptoms. How long must I be off the chemicals to see the diarrhea stop?

Anybody else experience this?

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Re: Anyone else experience chronic diarrhea?

The chlorine in Splenda is commonly known to cause diarrhea and IBS, so you are not alone here. Now, make sure Splenda and/or sucralose are not in other products you are using that are NOT labeled sugar-free (you'd have no clue these diet sweeteners are in regular products), and take a probiotic for a few months. Whole Foods has a great one - liquid apple flavored. Any good acidolphilus will do, but you need to restore your gut bacteria. This should do the trick.

Re: Anyone else experience chronic diarrhea?

Thank you Dr. Hull. I am taking Align and looking forward to being healthy again.
I am a little confused about treating diarrhea...some places it says take imodium or a generic product, others say do not. No dairy, but plain yogurt is good.... Any thoughts?

It just so happens my brother had his blood work done last week looking for a cause to his bad case of recent eczema. His blood tests were normal. I asked him what he is eating/drinking daily...When he said Crystal Light twice a well as drinking cola (not diet though), I told him what I have since learned....

Re: Anyone else experience chronic diarrhea?

Good Morning!

Just a head's up--chronic diarrhea is also a symptom of Celiac disease.  I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease (meaning you cannot tolerate gluten--ie wheat, barley, rye)--and you are usually diagnosed with IBS.  It is tricky to diagnose and you generally have to bring this to your doctor's attention in order to get tests done. 

I am not questioning whether Splenda is a cause of diarrhea, just wanting to spread the word about Celiac, since it affects 1 in 33 people and most don't know they have an intolerance.  It took over a year's worth of tests before I was diagnosed, and if I can spare someone the pain of what I went through--fantastic!!

Good luck!


Re: Anyone else experience chronic diarrhea?

Hi Jenn1   

I do appreciate your post. A year's worth of tests to diagnose Celiac disease...that's horrible. 

It turns out that since I stopped the sucralose AKA Splenda products about 3 weeks ago (I had diarrhea for 5 weeks total) I am back to normal

I am not too happy with that product!

I hope you're doing well Jenn.

Re: Anyone else experience chronic diarrhea?

Never doubt you have uncovered the cause. The chlorine in Splenda commonly causes IBS and intestinal issues. It sure was cheaper to stop the Splenda than to keep going to the doctor over and over and over again with no improvements.