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I have been "off" all pop, diet was my vice, for 2-3 months.  No artificial sweetners to the best of my ability as well.  No Crystal Light, no Equal - nothing.  My question is how long does it generally take for all of these chemicals to leave the body and the body to understand they aren't coming back? I have been drinking enough water to float a boat and really do not feel "better".  I woud imagine it would take a few months or longer for the body to readjust but I have seen so much on instant improvements, weight loss, general feeling good.  I have a cup of coffee in the morning and that is my only caffeine.  Any help or direction would be very much appreciated.

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I read an actual medical report that a complete detox is 18 months. Search old posts for the site URL.

Even if it was not causing your symptoms, you can't go wrong quitting Aspartame®. But after 2 months you should be feeling some improvement. If your ill health is severe you might want to consult your doctor.

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it takes a while for the body to detox itself.  sometimes, foreign ingredients the body just stores in the fat because it doesn't know what to do with it.

as you eat better and get in better health through fitness and nutrition, you'll soon feel better.

caffiene is fine, but for the time being, i'd quit that too.  caffeine dehyrdates you.  so the caffeine with the water is maybe just balancing itself out instead of providing benefits.

The dangers of aspartame in a movie … movie.html

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I had a nutritionist explain to me that it does get in the fat and doesn't burn since it's a toxin.  At some point, I understand - a LONG point- will it go away allowing for the fat to start burning?  I'm really getting frustrated.  I am excersizing and eating how I should be but ZERO results...  I also get it is a process and it takes time but I would really like to understand what I am up against.

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I will tell you that sweat is the best detox fluid ever invented. Yes, sweat is embarrassing especially for women. Everything TeeVee, billboards and advertising tells you about sweat is negative. Sweat is shameful so that some chemical corporation can get your money by selling you poison. You have got to erase that conditioning and sweat your ass off.

Skin is your largest organ, especially if you are fat. The shortest distance between Aspartame® toxin stored in fat and the outside of your body is through your skin. Even if you just lay there in a hot place and sweat you are eliminating toxins. You don't have to work out. In this hot summer weather, give yourself a sweat session 3 times a week. Until it is dripping off of you. Drink plenty of plain water. Do that and I betcha by the end of summer you are feeling way better.

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I was tired of reading articles that are meant for the common man but have a very string, medical language that is hard to understand. But your piece of work it a delight to read and it has the points bang on. We would love to see more of such work in the future.


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Good posts, guys. The by-product formaldehyde does stay in the body; hence, it's used for embalming. Continue to detox for as long as it takes, but mommaof4, I would explore the probabolty  another issue may be present that still needs to be addressed. Do this: have a hair analysis done, discover other toxins that may be present, and the nutrients that have been depleted, and then get specific with what else needs to be done to help restore your health quicker.

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