Topic: Sources and research about aspartame

few words about me, im pretty skeptical, and i never liked aspartame, never used it,  never trust it, but now as a curious person, im looking for an answers which is:

ive looked around, i dont see and resent (up to 10 years back) studies or research about aspartame

studies for 80s are three decades old, you cant take them seriously, i can list an old researches that were done 30 years ago and we know today the are wrong

so please can you list/link/name some ?

and im talking studies and researches done but credible institutions/researches (senators are not one of those)

thank you

Re: Sources and research about aspartame

finally, wil take some time, but im printing them one by one to read, any that is 20yrs and younger, will get back about it

Re: Sources and research about aspartame

Go to my newsletter site and type in Aspartame Research in the Search bar: this will bring up all the original research PDFs for you to print off. These are the latest studies proving aspartame causes leukemia, lymphoma, memory loss, fetal deformities, nerve disorders, etc.

This issue is solidly proven, no doubt about that.