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Sorry if i seem to be a bit persistent, but i am starting to give up hope. After struggling with this for ages, this aspartame i felt was the answer i really needed. But as days pass, i dont know why but i am beginning to doubt it. My anxiety seems to be improving slightly, i still have moments when i feel anxious in my stomach for no reason. But the lightheadedness is really getting to me. It has gotten worse over the past week since i stopped aspartame, but i can't tell if its improving. I may just be an impatient person, but i stress thinking what if the lightheadedness isnt caused by aspartame? I can't deal with this for much longer, its taking over my life to the point where i can't even go out anymore. I've had the typical,  gone to doctor, had heart halter for a day, many blood tests, ultrasound, and all that they have come up with is 'sounds like anxiety' and 'PCOS'. Both are basically 'just deal with it' situations. I am at my wits end, please can anyone tell me if they have experienced the constant lightheadedness and how long did it take for them to experience it going away? At this point i just want my life back again sad I know im only upto day 10, but im the type of person that needs a time frame, it keeps my mind at ease and stops the horrible 'what if' thoughts. Thankyou for putting up with my persistant annoyance, but im only 18 and dont know how to deal with all of this. while all my friends are out partying, travelling, enjoying their freedom from school i am feeling fatigued, occasional headache, constantly lightheaded, feel like im drunk all the time and having to miss out on everything due to the feeling of unreality.

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teejay22 - as toxic as aspartame is, there may be another toxin or two, or three, also present within you. Aspartame can be the sole cause of many health issues, and by simply removing it and restoring the essential nutrients aspartame and food chemicals rob from the body, health can quickly return. But if other toxins are present, aspartame use serves to make the health stress worse, and exacerbates illness.

I recommend having me do a hair analysis for you and let's see what toxins are inside of your body. It's time to stop guessing and get to the root of what's going on. Go to and let's stop wasting valuable time wondering.