Topic: Complete relief from Epilepsy seizures.

For over 40 years  I have experienced the most dramatic results in bringing seizures to an end....even frequent grand mal fits.

Friends and relatives, plus numerous people all round the world on line have been relieved of the seizures they have been on strong medication for....children too.


Half a teaspoonful of Epsom Salts (food grade) in a little fruit make the taste easier!

Results can be experienced after the first dose.

Lack of magnesium is the prime cause of epilepsy and Epsom Salts provide this in massive doses.

Take on a daily basis....morning is probably best.

Try it and see!!

Re: Complete relief from Epilepsy seizures.

Jualsy, this is a very informative post.  On my last hair analysis my magnesium was on the low side, well with my last two analysis.  I have been trying to increase the level using conventional supplements apparently without success.  Reading this I am wondering if Epsom salts would aid in balancing my magnesium.  I do use Epsom salts in the garden to aid in fruit/vegetable productivity.  I claim total ignorance on Epsom salt knowledge, before now I always thought it to be a “salt”, which technically it is, but not really.   After tonight I am more educated in its composition.
How is it made:

Searching for a listing of symptoms of magnesium deficiency I found this site   that really sounds like me in the listing.  I probably have 80-90 percent of these at any one time.  Interestingly I have taken Dr. Gillian’s CalMag off and on at times for constipation but not for the magnesium content.  I will now use it for that element alone to see if it will aid in the balance of magnesium in my body.

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Re: Complete relief from Epilepsy seizures.

Very good posts, guys, and good info. Just remember to use any element as your body needs it. PatB, see if this will keep your magnesium levels up. You are burning magnesium, no doubt.

Did you know that taking a baby aspirin daily will draw down magnesium levels?