Topic: 15 y.o. muscle weakness??!!

School is gearing-up! Vollleyball 2-a-days, band...etc...  My daughter began 2 weeks ago and older sister is making jugs and jugs of Crystal Light for them to drink.  My youngest began feeling numbness in the calves during VB practise--couldn't get to the ball-- which was one-two steps in FRONT of her--she was SO EMBARRASSED and began to cry.  I couln't figure out what was up... been to the doctor, blood test are normal (thyroid, ANA, tbc). Her symptoms are what sounds like MS!!!  What has changed in the last two weeks besides Athletics starting; coaches wanting their DIET changed...NO COKES!! etc..? Then it hit me... what was in the gallons of diet drink my daughters have consumed?-- I looked and there it was ASPARTAME.  The older one 17 y.o. has no symptoms for complaint...  Could this be the Aspartame giving her weakness in the lower calves.. its like she can't command the muscles... this prblem started about 5 days into the athletics beginning...begining of august... had her at the doctors by the 11th.  Sudden onset!!

Re: 15 y.o. muscle weakness??!!

Eek, this post got lost in the shuffle, and it's a great post. bugs07734, I hope you have kept your daughter off the aspartame because, YES, an active young person drinking this sweet poison will have all kinds of problems with it. Have you stopped the aspartame, and did you see a difference in her??

When I was drinking Diet DPs, I had severe leg cramps shooting up only my right leg. Those ALL stopped when I stopped the aspartame. That has never happened to me again, and they used to be so bad, it would wake me up at night.