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Firstly this site is amazing! big_smile

I have posted a link on my facebook status and told everyone to LOOK AT IT! Maybe we should start a Facebook group to spread the word about this nasty substance! unless someone has already done that and I missed it. I apologise if that's the case! smile

I have had FMS for 13 years and was diagnosed with CFS last year. I am 27.
I have suffered with headaches/migraines since I was 12 years old and have cut out dairy, wheat etc... on advise from my doctors and consultants and tried numerous medications trying to find some cure or help with the headaches. Not one of my doctors or consultants have ever mentioned Aspartame to me as a possibility. After giving up all medication in November of 2010 as I only found side effects rather than any help from them and being "left to my own devices" by my doctors I have started to consider things like Aspartame & Phenylaline and came online this evening to read up on them when I found this amazing website & forum.

Hearing so many peoples accounts and experiences on this I am inspired to cut aspartame out of my diet.

Good luck and best wishes to all of you wonderful people that are spreading the word and cutting it out of your diets and thank you all for inspiring me to do the same x

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spirit - even if someone has already started a facebook group, start your own. Everyone has a different approach, talent, and message to deliver, so design one your way. Go for it!

By your post, can I assume you have been using aspartame since your were 15?? If so, OMG!

Believe it when you say that you have identified the cause of your FMS and CFS as aspartame. spirit, please read a copy of my book, Sweet Poison. You will feel as if you are reading about yourself, and your questions will be answered. This will justify your situation, empower you, and help you begin to help others.

You are far too young to have these disease acronyms following behind you!

Aspartame is a political toxic food additive that is harming people! Go girl!!!!!!

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The only way we are going to push against the powerful lobbyists who have kept aspartame on the market is to amass against their lies and stick together in numbers. If we expose their lies used in advertising, then we can turn people against them. Who wants to trust, or buy from, a company that lies to their customers and a company that has no scruples or ethics?

It's like what we are seeing with the big banks like Chase. They have lied to so many people and tricked them out of their homes with unjustified foreclosures, once these shoddy business practices are exposed - they will then fall down. THAT's what needs to happen.

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We must keep pushing the truth out there. We must. There is no other option.

PS: I can't stand Chase, either. With all the smaller independent banks trying to uphold some ethics, why doesn't every Chase (and other big banks, too) customer pull out of these big fat cat banks, and support the local banks. Wouldn't that be sweet??

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Count me in on the Chase thing. Good God, the big banks are one of the biggest problems causing our economic problems, but you know, I never hear anyone on talk radio addressing this fact. Am I the only one who gets that?? Interest rates on credit cards are at 29.9%, half of the foreclosures are bogus, and they get bailed out and still screw us over?????

Did anyone see the youtube video of the fireman in CA who tried to pay his mortgage with cash and Bank of America refused to accept it?  Come on - when will this stop????

One thing I'll say about Obama, the man inherited this problem. How can anyone blame him for not fixing it when he's tried but the banks simply keep stealing from people? I was one of the lucky ones who got a HAMP refinancing through his program, and it's awesome. Chase was trying to block me every way they could. It's not Obama - it's the banks.

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Oh wow - a political discussion. Not sure how long this will stay peaceful.....

Nash, from my personal standpoint, I do agree with you. I know without any doubt that the aspartame issue is ALL political, and this went beyond party lines, too. Once corruption gets a hold, it takes decades to reverse it, and by then the damage is done. Sadly, this is happening now generated from the big banks. It used to be that we were their "customers" and were treated with due respect. Now, we possess money and property that they covet, and they are stealing our assets right under our noses. If the politics is as deeply ingrained in the banks as it is in big pharma and the AMA, well, then, I see no end that will restore our individual freedoms. Sad, but realistic. I don't know what the future holds for our country - we are being sold out for profit - our health, our homes, our bank accounts, and ultimately, our freedom.

We must hope and pray that there are enough good judges to protect the innocent. And hope we keep electing politicians who have some goodness left, and the power to exercise that goodness.

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Well, I won't vote republican again - I gave that up after Bush and the bank bailouts and $4 a gallon gas. Aspartame got approved during Reagan, right?