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I wonder if you can help. I have been suffering from burning eyes for the past 6 years and consultants have been unable to cure or relieve my symptoms. I have been diagnosed with several different conditions however each consultant has a different opinion but always agrees athat the symptoms I have do not match the condition they are diagnosing. I am now awaiting a further opinion.

I notice that When i wake up in the mornings my eyes are at their worst and always burn and are very red. I also have a sore nose and a build up of mucous. I have trouble sleeping and suffer from anxiety. I have recently started to wonder if it may be related to diet coke consumption and came across your web page. I consume 1 can per day and sometimes more although I try not to. I seem to struggle to come off this and I wonder if anyone else has experienced similisr symptoms with their eyes.

It has completely ruined my life as I am unable to wear eye make up or contact lenses and I feel like my life is falling apart as I do not want to leave the house. Please help.


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Diet soda is not good, but it sounds like you have a pollen allergy. I don't know where you live, but southern regions are just now getting pollen from trees like Juniper which are evil. Maybe you can write back saying where you live. If there is anything like a winter in your area and you were still having symptoms then it would not be allergies. You can go to , enter your zip code and get a pollen report. From there it is pretty easy to correlate symptoms to pollen levels. But keep in mind that pollen can blow in from hundreds of miles away.

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Hi thanks for your reply. Unfortunately my symptoms are here all year round whether summer or winter. I stay in Scotland. I have been tested for allergies and also had skin patch testing which have all come back negative. They were then questioning nerve damage however the investigation s show no sign of this and the consultant has now discharged me. I am at a loss. I guess I will try stop the diet coke to see if this helps!

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Aspartame damaged my eyes - it ate holes in both retinas, and my eyes became distended. Once I stopped the diet chemicals, they repaired, and actually, my retinas healed, too. My eyes are perfectly normal now.

I regularly splash warm salt water in my eyes, and this has completely eliminated any dry eye, itchiness, etc. Try this.