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Well, just thought i'd update people on my situation big_smile I gave up diet softdrink, if which i was practically living on, roughly 5 months ago. I have noticed a few changes, not on my most pressing issues but i thought it would be that way tongue So my lightheadedness has developed more into a depersonalisation thing with lots of fatigue. I have managed to lose weight which is good. I feel more relaxed and calm, i dont feel as icky on the inside anymore tongue But i think i have discovered another possible cause for my issues. Didnt realise this at the time, but when i was addicted to diet softdrinks i was not drinking water, maybe a bit here and there but not nearly as much as my body needed. I was also drinking tea and coffee quite a bit, which are all supposed to do the opposite to hydrate you tongue So i have decided to drink a crapload of water for a few weeks and see how that makes me feel, am about to start another round of a diet similar to the HCG diet. I have also linked some of my issues to PCOS which i was diagnosed with over 6 months ago, it causes heightened anxiety and fatigue and stuff.
Staying away from aspartame doesnt take any effort for me anymore,  i just naturally avoid it now. i dont go for diet products anymore, well maybe sometimes but i always check for aspartame in them. I have started to take a more natural approach, trying to stick to what will help my body heal rather than what it craves (yucky stuff tongue)
My point is, even if aspartame isnt the cause for your most pressing issues, it still has a detrimental effect on your body and i know i'd rather not take the risk. Although aspartame doesnt seem to have a really bad effect on me now, i dont want to continue to find out what it could do to my body. Prevention is the key, and i know i wouldnt want my issues to get worse or more to develop.
Anyway, hope everyones all good and on the path to wellness smile
Thankyou for reading my blabbering tongue

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Taking a more natural approach is the best thing to do. This just makes sense, you know. It's actually a simple solution. Funny how it should be the only we we live and eat, but it seems to be one of the last things we do.