Topic: Adrenalin problem, caused by Facial neuropathy / spinal problem

Dear Dr Hull,

I have an undiagnosed spinal problem which is well as causing numbness in hand & feet, burning on back & arms, tinitus & facial numbness is also causing adrenalin stimulation each day & night.

this has been going on since October, and our helth system is v. slow.

My adrenalin glands have become exhauseted and I feel certain the hormones still produced are unbalanced in favour of heart stimulation instead of dilation, hormones still cause palpitions, muscle /artery ache in arms, & swaty waking from sleep,

Life is really grotty not to mention scary at the moment, any help in keeping whats left of my glands going a bit longer would be great.

Getting past the conversation, is it anxiety is difficult, but symptoms start for no reason, except lying on left at night allways seems to set it off, I can be as calm as you like, and even have tried diazapram couple of times but still happens,

also getting mild headaches and mild eye aches, but am not sure what is causing this

Had 1 x blood test & cortisol seemed ok, thyrod ok full blood test ok, which was good but supprising
specially about cortisol.

Beta blockers seem to make me jittery, asprin helps arm pain but upsets my tummy, diazapam just means I dont care.

Have just had MRI scan but not sure yet where this will lead.

Best Wishes Nick

Re: Adrenalin problem, caused by Facial neuropathy / spinal problem

Scrutinize your diet for all unnatural, man-made chemical additives and eliminate those ASAP.  Detox your body - your liver, remove all heavy metals, cleanse the colon, and detox for parasites. Adjust your diet to a more raw and whole foods diet. Avoid ALL processed foods. Begin some body work - stretching, light exercise, acupuncture and chiropractic treatments. Drink plenty of water, massage your legs and arms when they cramp, and detox!

You should get some improved results after you have taken the time to complete this body work.

Re: Adrenalin problem, caused by Facial neuropathy / spinal problem

nthompson0033, why don't you try detoxing for heavy metals, do a liver cleanse and a colon cleanse and then see how you feel? This will save you lots of time spent in the doctor's office, and save a lot of money in the long run. I cleanse at least once every year - liver, colon, heavy metals and a parasite cleanse.

Re: Adrenalin problem, caused by Facial neuropathy / spinal problem

I agree - I'd do the hair analysis to see what toxins are present.