Re: Aspartame effects to me?

Anytime aspartame is used and all these health symptoms "appear", ALWAYS remove the aspartame because it is a proven toxin, and can affect the body in many different ways. I typically say that where your symptoms occur is where your body's weakest link is. This is your nemesis.

Some people have a predisposition to diabetes, so expect blood suagr issues. Some people have digestive issues, so expect digestion to get worse.

Aspartame is harmful in any form or dose, and typically, people use far too much of it daily. The body then receives more toxins than nutrients, and day after day, this saturates your system.

Remove ALL diet sweeteners, and after three to four weeks, most health symptoms disappear. This comes from thousand of case histories. If your health symptoms are still a concern after 6 weeks or so, then you need to explore the presence of another toxin, but 99.9% of the time, most of your health concerns disappear.

Remember this: when you have been using these dangerous food chemicals, your body has not been receiving a balanced diet and/or the proper daily nutrients. So, as you remove the chemicals from your past diet, also restore healthy nutrients using a quality vitamin supplement while you detox. This is critical to replace the absence of nutrients. Vitamins will help restore your health quicker.


Re: Aspartame effects to me?

Hey everyone,

I am a twenty-year old student, and ever since I was approximately 12, I was constantly using aspartame. It was around that time that my immune system severely suffered, coming down with many infections, mono, and others. By the time I was 13, I was diagnosed with Arnold Chiari Malformation, which causes a lot of joint/muscle pain, headache/pressure. However, I continued aspartame use.

Ever since, I have been progressively getting worse, even so that I feel almost the exact pain's that my 50-year old mother is going through.

Well last summer, it got so bad that at any given moment, 80% of my body was numb, I had blurred vision, hearing loss, extreme pain from head to toe, immense head pressure, and what felt like my skull was bruised all-over. It was then that the doc's did another MRI, and said I had brain lesions, and that they would be monitoring me for MS. This was absolutely horrible, like all of you, it seemed that not only is the rest of your life gonna be spent in pain, but that the years leading up to this moment had already been spent in agony.

A couple months after that "diagnosis" my aunt sent me a link on aspartame and its affects on the body. I immediately gave up everything it included; gum, pop, medicine, anything sugar-free. And within a week a numbing went down significantly; big change for the couple-times a week hospital visits before. I realized after that, with an accidental stick of gum, that my symptoms were completely attributed to aspartame consumption.

It has now been over a year that I am aspartame-free, yet still experience some symptoms of the toxicity. I went for biofeedback and found out my body is full with "NutraSweet", and that I have a severe allergy to formaldehyde (which is by-product after aspartame is broken down).

I am wondering what the best way would be to clear my body of these toxins? I already avoid all processed foods, and try to eat as green as possible. Has anyone had positive and proven affects of clearing their toxins with French Green Clay?

Good luck to everyone on getting healthy,


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Leanna, I for one can attest to the effectiveness of FGC.  When I started on my detox regimen I was heavy with aluminum, mercury and other heavy metals (it’s a wonder I did not weigh a ton).  I started with Dr. Hull’s hair analysis and with the results from that started the detox which included FGC.  By the time of my retest all of the metals had dropped by about 50% and still dropping.  One of the reasons of the FGC is that it binds with the metals and does not allow the metals to reabsorb back into the body but carries them on out.  I still use it a few times a year for maintenance.

In regards to your 50 year old mother, is she consuming any diet drinks or other items that have the artificial sweeteners in them, gums, cereals, flavored waters, anything?  You literally have to read ALL labels to check for that contamination and then reread them periodically to see that they have not started using it.


Re: Aspartame effects to me?

I love the FGC, and I detox with it on a maintenance program, like PatB, all the time. I give it to my animals, too.

Leanna, you used these diet chemicals beginning at a very young age, and during puberty. This is a fragile time for the body, and when toxins are used daily during body development and growth, it can affect your hormones, weight, and emotions. It also weakens your immune system. Give your body time to remove these toxins and then to restore your health. You must strengthen your body from the brain center down through your organs, but this can be done over time. Stay consistent with a healthy diet and exercise program, and day by day, your body will replenish its balance. You'll feel it and see it through good health - one day at a time.

Re: Aspartame effects to me?

I used to chew a lot of gum with aspartame in it and sometimes when I was driving home at night from a friend’s house I would actually forget where I was going. I would have to continue my journey until the destination came back to me.

I stopped using Aspartame back in 2007 after I did some research on line. I found some studies that might help one or two people convince others of how dangerous this stuff is.

A study done on rabbits at the Biological Research Institute in Babes-Bolyai University in Rumania, shows damage to the ventromedial hypothalamus (VMH) using an electron-microscope. The VHM controls leptin production required in resisting diet-induced obesity. In layman’s terms, the very part of your brain that signals you to stop eating is being destroyed by Aspartame. Since aspartame has been in the diet since 1981 this might explain why the population is getting fatter, since it is destroying the body’s own biological feedback system!

Download the study in PDF format from the following link: … /1249/1223

A study done on rats found that same problems as the above study done on rabbits also in PDF format. … Puica1.pdf

If you look at the slides with the control group shown on the left and compare it to the Aspartame group on the right the damage to neurons is clearly visible even to those without a medical degree. Sometimes looking at pictures of the damage being done by Aspartame has a greater effect on those that are doubtful of the harm it is doing.

A recent Cytogenetic study conducted on mice in the College of Science, King Saud University in Saudi Arabia found “chromosome aberrations” in the bone marrow cells of mice given aspartame, concluding that “aspartame has a possible genotoxic risk.” This test was run for only 24 hours.

Link to this study is below.

Good luck and good health!

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You know what is amazing to me? The politicos, the doctors, the "quackwatchers", the journalists, and the manufacturers who REFUSE to believe that this issue is real. I suppose they are driven more by money and ego than common sense, love or integrity.

This issue IS REAL - VERY REAL. It's people like you and me, Mogambo55, who have walked the walk and lived through this. Plus, we are just plain smarter than those who say aspartame research doesn't exist!

Re: Aspartame effects to me?

I really think the manufacturers know the risks with Aspartame (many do anyhow). The profits are just too high. Look at MSG, most people know it is horrible for you (it can even kill you). Are the manufacturers adding less to food? NO, they are just disguising it as other things. It is addictive, makes cardboard taste good, and it is cheap. Aspartame is similar, as it is cheap and addictive. If your aim is profit, this is exactly what you want in your products.

Aspartame is here to stay, it is up to us to spread the word and keep people informed.

Re: Aspartame effects to me?

I really think that you're right!!! Sad, but true. I have been in this aspartame information quest since my book came out in 1997. Not much has changed. Aspartame is still on the market big time, and actually it's in more and more baby foods and children's products than ever before.


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Imnos482 you are so right on the MSG, it is so bad.  Years ago I, finally, found out that I get terrible headaches from that stuff.  And they just linger for anywhere from half hour to an hour.  Anyway I started watching and reading all labels to determine what was giving me headaches and that is when MSG just popped out as my culprit.  I literally stopped buying all products that had MSG listed.  Then started noticing that some labels were changing their ingredients to “natural spices” or “natural flavorings”.  DUH, if a product is labeled ALL NATURAL why do they have to ADD “natural flavors” (whatever they are).  Anyway, again I found it necessary to reevaluate products I had been using for years because they now had started including MSG in their mix, Jimmy Dean sausage being the most offensive.

I will stop here because this subject is just ongoing and may never have an ending.


Re: Aspartame effects to me?

You know one of the most frustrating things about MSG is how prevalent it is, unlabeled or disguised (as you wrote, PatB), and with all the efforts to prevent it being put into mainstream won't go away! Being powerless over ingesting MSG when we don't WANT to ingest it is the biggest disservice to consumers. At least aspartame still has to be labeled, so if you read the label or ask at a restaurant, you can avoid eating it. But MSG - little chance to get away from it.

One day (if we are all still alive?!), we will look back at all these toxic chemicals we put into our food like we look at the old fashioned technique of blood-letting.


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Hi Dr. Hull,
I am emailing because about 2 months ago I developed a painful sensation of pins and needles and severe itching all over my body.  my homeopath diagnosed me with aspartame toxicity after I also confided in him that I was having some mild memory loss.  I have been using artificial sweeteners in excess for at least 10 years.  My regular doctor has worked me up for everything (with the exception of heavy metal poisoning - for some reason he thinks this is unlikely so doesnt want to test for it) and all my tests have been normal.  I have been off all artificial sweeteners and eating a very clean vegetarian diet (although I do eat fish still) since my symptoms started.  I am better than I was a month ago but still very uncomfortable.  I am also taking a multivitamin, B vitamins and just started Alpha Lipoic Acid.  Do you have any suggestions for me?  And do you think these symptoms will resolve.
THanks so much for this webste.

Re: Aspartame effects to me?

First, believe in yourself over and above your regular doctor.
Second, search for another regular doctor, and stick with your homeopath.
Third, you can do this on your own.

Remove the aspartame, as you have done, restore the essential nutrients a chemical diet robs from your body, and eat and drink real foods.

I suggest having a hair analysis done so you can see what nutrients aspartame has depleted in your body. Instead of guessing at this point, go forward with as much awareness and strength as you can. You will discover as thousands of others have discovered - aspartame is at the root of most modern-day health issues, and the regular docs are impotent to it because they are instructed to leave this topic alone.


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Dr. Hull, what do you think of Truvia? It seems to be taking first place in the diet sweetener issue.

Re: Aspartame effects to me?

I think Truvia and stevia are really two different things, nash. Truvia is made with a processed form of raw stevia, and then sugar alcohols are added. It is a man made spin-off of true and natural stevia.

What I predict we will start seeing next are research studies of adverse affects from people overusing products like Truvia, and this will falsely drag true and natural stevia into another "research war" claiming stevia really isn't that great. You see, they can't (yet) make stevia from cheaper chemicals in a lab; they have to use the more expensive natural forms of stevia. This drives their costs up and their profit margin goes down. These companies simply want to mass produce a cheaper form of product that nets a wider profit margin. So at this time, products like Truvia are expensive to make. Once they can master a fake chemical form of natural steva, then we'll see products like Truvia become more unnatural with more chemicals and fake replicated molecules, like aspartame is. So for now, stick with using real stevia and avoid products like this. It only pulls the consumer deeper into the corporate "sweetener wars" and farther away from using less of the real, natural sweeteners.

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Hello Dr. Hull,
I am new to your site. I have recently stopped the use of aspartame ( in the form of crystal lite). So far no headaches as so many folks seem to report but I am wondering if sleepyness is a common withdrawal symptom as well? FYI... I was ingesting close to a gallon per day.

Thank you,

Re: Aspartame effects to me?

The body often exemplifies signs of lethargy, the flu, irritability, and the like. So, feeling tired is common. The powdered forms of aspartame found in Equal and dry, powdered drinks are much stronger than the liquid forms. You were using quite a lot every day, so having physical side-effects from the withdrawal is not surprising. Simply take care of your body during this time, get plenty of rest, and drink lots of water.

Keep us posted on your progress.

Re: Aspartame effects to me?

Hello Dr. Hull,
I am 66 y.o., in somewhat overall adequate health, and I use that term loosely!! This aspartame problem has really got me thinking about what I have been doing over a long period of time, using products with aspartame, especially "Crystal Light" products and those that are "cheaper" at Walmart (their brand). I have been drinking about 4-6 qts. a day of these products, plus a cup or two of coffee daily, using Splenda, etc., trying keep hydrated, and not gain anymore weight (ha!!)

In 1990 I had to have a TAH/BSO with bladder repair.  The bladder repair only lasted a couple months, as I had to go back work much earlier than I was supposed to.  Anyway, over the past 10 years, my bladder problems have increased, have been on OXYBUTYNIN HCL,5 mg. tabs for the "bladder spasms". That med has not really helped, so my dr. took me off them recently.  I have absolutely no control now, and have been forced to wear "Depends" for some time. 

I am concerned about the connection between my bladder problems and ingestion of aspartame.  Do you believe there is a connection here?  If I stop drinking stuff with the "A" stuff in it, and start using Stevia (which I recently bought) for everything sweet, do you believe my problems may ease up.  I also suffer from fibromyalgia (lots of pain meds & Gabapentin), sleep apnea (Cpap at night), multiple environmental allergies (more pills!), high blood pressure & fluid retention (HCTZ), chronic fatigue, anxiety & depression (Fluoxetine 40mg/day), I am 5'2" tall, 270 lbs., my German/Polish & other European heritages shows thru "big time", osteoarthris in almost every joint in my body (overuse of muscles, playing tennis, jogging, metal detecting for hours on end, when I was much younger! smile "grin"!!  Had my rt. knee replaced 2 yrs ago, still cannot put any pressure on my knee, like kneeling down.  I've been told my heart is very strong, my lungs for the most part, except that I've battled pneumonia in my left lung for the past 5 months (antibiotics, of course). I have to get around using a walker now, my hips & back are too painful to walk on my own very well.  (BTW, I worked for 30+ yrs. in the medical field (RN), floor nursing mostly, which led to at 3 nervous breakdowns, so I had to retire early in 1993.

Now that I've regaled you with my medical problems, (the doctors I see, just offer pills or surgery!), I would like to know if you believe that aspartame and other "diet" products have contributed greatly to my problems?

I want to get off all the chemicals/medications roller-coaster!  Hoping to hear from you.

Re: Aspartame effects to me?

I am so glad you have written because, yes mam, the diet chemicals have everything to do with this. You already had a compromised bladder, and the chlorine in Splenda is definitely weakening that all the more. To research the adverse affects of Splenda, simply research the side effects of eating and drinking chlorine. These chemicals weaken the bladder, the kidneys, the skin, and breathing conditions.

Now for aspartame - it has been proven in research studies to penetrate into the brain and affect your hormones, weight, and emotions. I think aspartame's days are numbered - this has gone on far too long, and enough people are putting this together now, the "cover-up" of truth is about to be exposed.

For the fatigue and FMS, this is sourced to an accumulation of toxins from all chemicals polluting our outside and inside worlds - food included.They have robbed your body of essential nutrients and left you with a polluted layer of sludge lining your organs.

I think you have realized that a diet of chemicals is making your body weaker and sicker by breaking it down.  So, detox and return to a vitamin supplement plan and to a more natural diet.

If you are interested, check out my hair analysis and my on-line Detox program and e-book. This has helped many people get answers that, yep, traditional docs just can't supply.

You are on the right road to recovery and you are taking your personal power over your health and life back!