Topic: Ongoing severe muscle spasms for over 2yrs/Splenda user

This may be grasping at straws, but I am at that point with the pain I've been having for over 2yrs now. I am an avid Splenda user. I have read some of the articles in ref. to its side effects. I am a 36yr old single mother.  I am experiencing daily muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders. Sometimes on both sides, sometimes not. Numerous Dr. and ER visits, MRI of the neck, shoulders, shows that indeed Im having the spasms, however, noone can tell me why, other than stress to fibromyalgia. I have of course a family history of RA, Cancer, Fibromyalgia...etc. I could go on. But something in my gut is telling me its none of these things and I cannot afford nor do I want to live off of pain medicine and muscle relaxers. Im wondering if anyone else is experiencing anything similiar and can offer me any advice on what to do about whats become chronic pain. Besides interferring with my daily life, there are days I simply cannot move and the pain is more than I can bear. ANY insight would be so appreciated. Thankyou....

Re: Ongoing severe muscle spasms for over 2yrs/Splenda user

Jennifermc, welcome to the forum.  First thing you should do is to discontinue the use of any and all artificial sweeteners.  How long have you been consuming Splenda, did your pain come with or before you started using Splenda?  The artificial sweeteners will take your weak areas in your body and make them worse, whether it is muscles, joints, eyes, skin (itching, rash), you get the idea.  Discontinue the use of ALL of them and see if you symptoms get better or go away.


Re: Ongoing severe muscle spasms for over 2yrs/Splenda user

Thankyou so much for your response! And actually it started shortly after my use of Splenda, off and on at first and then consistantly. I have made my mind up to not use it anymore or drink my usual Diet Dr. Pepper anymore! Matter of fact, Im going to change my eating habits completely.