Topic: Diet Coke and headaches

I stopped drinking Diet Coke a couple of years ago mostly to support a friend of mine who was trying to stop drinking regular Coke and we were dieting together.  After the first week, I realized that I suddenly felt as if a dark cloud had been lifted off of my head.  I had been walking around in a haze for years without realizing it and I felt like I had discovered blue skies!  Well, after a month or so, I started drinking Diet Coke again occasionally and I started to notice a distinct pattern between getting very painful headaches and not drinking (or drinking) the Diet Coke.  At first I thought it was withdrawel, but I actually later realized that I think I can correlate getting the headaches to when I DO drink the Diet Coke and not when I am NOT drinking them.  I can have one 12 ounce bottle, or a regular size fountain drink at a fast food restaurant and I will end up with a horribly painful headache.  I realize the simple answer is, "don't drink it" but I do like to have a taste every once in a while.  And more importantly, I am actually concerned as to the reason why something that I drank for nearly 20 years without symptoms is now causing me to have these headaches after the first time I purged it from my system.
Is there anyone else who is experiencing the same symptoms?  By the way, I drink water now the rest of the time instead of Diet Coke, so it really couldn't be related to drinking something else with or without caffeine or artificial sugars.
Thanks in advance for any input or ideas!

Re: Diet Coke and headaches

Well, I'd say that you are 20 years older (sorry dude) and you hit the wall with chemical saturation. Plus going off the chemicals for a while reminded your body of how it felt without these chemicals it had become used to, and when you reintroduced them, wham, your body reacted.

The healthier you get, the more sensitive to chemicals it becomes. That's a good thing.