Topic: Can't Seem to Quit Diet Dr. Pepper!

I've been drinking diet Dr. Pepper since the mid 70's.  I drank the saccharine laced DP and now the aspartame stuff.  I have half heartedly tried several times to quit.  I read Sweet Poison several years ago and know the ramifications of consuming aspartame.  I have several health issues that may or may not be from it so you'd think I'd be successful in my efforts to quit.  Not so.  I really committed to doing it a few months ago.  I made it almost 3 weeks until life stressors overwhelmed me and I started drinking it again.  I don't like water.  Drinking the same amount of water vs. DP makes me feel bloated as well.  I don't like coffee or teas.  Juices and milk are calorie laden as of course, are "high octane" sodas.  I'm a post thyroid cancer patient and losing weight is a veritable Mt. Everest for me anyway.  I gained weight when I quit.  During that time I was consumed by the yearning for a Dr. Pepper.  I imagine it was nearly as severe as a drug addict or alcoholic.  I thought about it constantly until life steamrolled me again.  I just couldn't deal with it all so started drinking it again.  At first it was just 2 cans a day, eagerly awaited.  Now I'm back to 4-6 cans a day.  I can't say I felt any better physically or mentally when I was off of it but then I've been consuming aspartame for over 30 years so 3 weeks is nothing I suppose.
Is there *anything* that I can do to suppress that physical, mental yearning for Dr. Pepper so that I can quit?  Thanks for your tireless work exposing the nefarious underbelly of the FDA, pharma, Monsanto, and other greed laden entities.

Re: Can't Seem to Quit Diet Dr. Pepper!

Well, at least you realize you are addicted to Diet DP, similar to any addiction to alcohol or drugs, and smoking, too. Your health is more important than your weight, right? And you've already been through cancer, so you must know your body needs the healthier foods and drinks to maintain good health. So, just quit!

Your energy level should return so you'll feel better and can start walking or becoming more active. This helps. Aspartame really does cause emotional anxiety and some phobias, so stopping should help with stress. I'd learn to enjoy other healthier drinks - Chai tea is great cold or hot, a regular soda like Reeds Ginger Ale is to die for it's so good, fresh juice or homemade lemonade. Get creative, and stop spending your money making the bad-guys rich.

You simply have to do this for your quality of life.