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I am 33 years old and have been suffering from near constant lightheadedness/dizziness/brain fog/disequilibrium/swimming feeling/whatever you want to call it for 6+ years now.  I walk around feeling unstable and like I might pass out on a daily basis.  I have been to numerous doctors and specialists, including two, soon to be three, neurologists, and no one can find anything conclusive.  My MRI was clear, my blood tests have revealed nothing except low vitamin D, my ears look fine, and my neurological exams are fine.  My ENT is well renowned in study of dizziness causes, and he suspects that my issue *may* be migraine associated dizziness even though I don't commonly have headaches.  I am now at the highest dose of the medication he prescribed for migraines, and it still doesn't seem to help consistently, which makes me wonder if that is not my issue at all and the few days I feel slightly better for part of the day are just coincidence.  He has hinted at the next step being an SSRI to control the anxiety that is caused by the dizziness and hopefully decrease it overall.  Most doctors chalk it up to anxiety, and while I know being dizzy does in fact make me super anxious, I am confident that is not the root cause of my problem.  That said, I have reached my wits end with this and don't where else to go.  I am not depressed; I am frustrated.  I want to feel normal again but no one can tell me how to fix whatever is wrong with me.  The dizziness is taking over my life, and I am ready to try almost anything to make it go away or at least decrease it to a manageable level.

In addition to the dizziness, I also have unexplained swelling in my lower legs and feet at times but have been tested for heart issues and was clear so that is basically chalked up to me being overweight (which is true).  I also feel like I can't get a deep enough breath at times, which has been explained away as allergies.  And, in the past 6-8 years I have developed digestive issues which has been labeled IBS.  Those are my most prevalent symptoms but when looking through the side effects of aspartame there are others that I also experience.  I asked my primary doctor about Lyme disease since many of my symptoms fall on that list as well, and she said it was very unlikely but would order the test anyway.  Thinking it was a normal blood test (what's one more vial) I agreed, but when I saw the lab order said "spinal tap" I quickly cancelled based on her assessment of it being very unlikely.

I am encouraged to find this information in hopes that this *might* just be the response to years of unanswered prayers.  I read about aspartame poisoning a while ago and stopped drinking diet soda for a few weeks but it didn't seem to make a difference so I decided to switch back for the sake of calories. 

I found this forum and am starting to wonder again if my health issues are caused by aspartame.  Has anyone else experienced similar symptoms, and if so, have you found a resolution?  I'm going to cut out aspartame regardless after reading all of this information but I hope and pray that my dizziness goes with it.

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Re: almost constant lightheadedness/dizziness

Dizzygirl78 welcome to the forum.  Your story sounds like a documented case for Aspartame “poisoning”.  Just by doing a Google search on the internet and searching here within the forum you will find many that have the exact same symptoms you describe.  You say you have had these symptoms for 6+ years, how long have you been consuming artificial sweeteners?  By just stopping for a few weeks you may or may not realize any decrease in symptoms but from reading others replies that have been using these sweeteners you would realize relief within months, you need to stick with it in order to detox.  Yes stop using aspartame and all other artificial sweeteners and read all labels, the stuff is everywhere.

Oh, in addition, you won’t get much help from any in the regular medical community.  It’s not that they are dumb, just not educated and refuse to learn about these poisons.

Good luck in your quest for good health,

Re: almost constant lightheadedness/dizziness

I'd like to add my name to PatB's post. Well said and spot on, PatB.

I do know for a fact that most traditional AMA member doctors have been instructed to leave the aspartame issue alone. For the ones who do address aspartame poisoning, they are at risk of being bullied by the "group." Some don't care, and these are your true doctors. What's the AMA going to do - kick them out for practicing as they wish? Those that say aspartame is safe are the ones who do not stay up-to-date nor do they care to take a risk and do what's right. They follow the sheep pack, which typically follows the money and the hand that feeds them.

Aspartame is, beyond any doubt, a questionable chemical saturating our food supply, and it, beyond any doubt, has been proven numerous times in lab studies to be dangerous. With this degree of "question", there should be NO reason why aspartame is allowed on the public market; at the very least it should have multiple warnings. And there is NO reason why any professional should doubt its adverse effects on human health. This is plain common sense! To say that aspartame is perfectly safe is suspect in itself. NOTHING man-made is perfectly safe in today's world.