Topic: My epiphany about Splenda

I'm a 46 yr. old female in excellent health and have an active life.  I used Splenda for several years without really linking it to any mild health concerns I had (rosacea, headaches, severe menstrual cramps).  However, last summer I noticed my hands, particularly in my thumbs started to hurt, and became increasingly painful by Christmas 2010.  I would wake up with sore joints in my hands, and it was hard to grip items at times, as well as open jars, etc.  At first I chalked it up to "getting older", and that it was inevitable.  By January 2011 I decided to give up any artificial sweetener in my diet.  I have always loved healthy foods and began to wonder if Splenda actually hurting me in ways I couldn't imagine.  Here's what happened:  in 3-4 weeks, my joint pain in my hands had lessened immensely.  I was a bit skeptical, hesitant to connect it with quitting Splenda.  Nonetheless, I continued my journey and kept artificial sweetners out of my diet.  Well, my hands don't hurt any more.  Keep in mind that I'm an active person -- I work in an office and use my computer keyboard there and at home.  I do manual labor in my yard.  By March, I had no pain in my hands.  Isn't that great?  Maybe it's coincidental, but I'm starting to believe that it was the Splenda that caused my joint pain in my hands.  I'm sure it affects everyone differently, but now that I'm used to not using any artificial sweetener, I think I'll stay away from it.  Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Re: My epiphany about Splenda

How has your progress been without the diet sweeteners? So many people have similar experiences, and once they stop ALL the diet chemicals, their health symptoms get better, or completely go away.

The key is to make sure to avoid them all, and read your labels because they add these chemicals to products not labelled sugar-free. When you stay off of them, and then get back on them, you'll notice that the negative reactions come back.

This issue is all too real.