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Hi Dr. Hull - I have been researching possible complications of aspartame on my own health (having episodes of abdominal cramping) and searched pubmed for actual research indicating some connection between aspartame consumption and GI sysmptoms.  I wasn't able to find any but I see on your home page that you mention hundreds of university research projects where correlations between aspartame use and negative side effects were made.  Do you have a list of those references?  I would really like to blame my issues on something easy like my 44 ounces of diet coke each morning!!


Stephen Conley, PhD
University of California, Davis

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Hello, maybe I can help somewhat. Here is a  link to Dr. Hull's search of studies and here is one for Dr. Mercola's list of studies for aspartame.

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Thanks, tsmog, for hooking conleysa with that link. conleysa, this issue is very well researched, and the findings are both professional and academic. Their is enough evidence that aspartame should not be used in the public food supply. We have enough toxins abounding, and this particular toxin is not necessary, and has enough evidence to ban its public use. Why has it not been banned? Politics and money. Hard to believe. Sad that it's true.

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Look at these two articles I just received. Man, I knew Monsanto was nasty, but why universities would compromise their integrity by allowing them to manipulate their research results - well, I know for a fact that several Big Texas Universities do this. Sad, so very very sad. Shame on the colleges.

Monsanto Presents: Big Ag 101 – Playing at a Campus Near You
Big Ag, Monsanto take over research universities and turn them into pro-industry propaganda machines … ganda.html

Monsanto Presents: Big Ag 101 – Playing at a Campus Near You - Food Integrity Campaign … s-near-you

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Dr. Hull, this is one of the best examples of education manipulation I have seen/heard of.  My guess is that the many “graduates” that come to this forum to ARGUE the benefits of Splenda, Aspartame, Equal and the like are those that took these same classes.  The want-a-be chemist and scientist are all alike and make the same arguments.


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When I was A&M, I got fed up with the BS there. I finished at UT - not as bad. I think to many big universities are more concerned with their status and the money that the top admins make than they care about the students. PatB, I think you have a good point, and when a student sees their university take bribery for rotten research results, well, that does breed a bad scientist and a cocky graduate who follows the money just their their profs did.

Shame, huh? We're teaching others to be a-holes.

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PatB - great point. I hadn't put that connection together, but Big Corps are "training" the students at these universities to be their "call boys", and brainwashing them using pseudo-science. Oh my - how horrible, but logical.