Topic: aspartame wtihdrawl

I am new to this site, i am currently detoxing form aspartame , it is 3 1/2 weeks now since i gave up this poison,my withdrawls symstoms are getting better, very slowly, i did comsume alot of products on a daily basis , thought it was aheathly way to a better liyestyle, until i start getting sick after 6 months i started eating & drinking all this stuff with aspartame in it, i have been to a naturalpath who is helping with the detox, still having some stomach issues & depresson is getting better, must say starting to come around, but just wondering how long am i goin to be just not myself!!!

Re: aspartame wtihdrawl

I answered your other post with some of the same answers here, but you must replace the nutrients your body hasn't been getting. Take a good quality multivitamin and this will speed things up. For your stomach - Whole Foods has a great liquid acidophilus that is apple flavored. This will help your gut tremendously.

Take the multi, acidophilus, eat smaller portions more often throughout the day to help your blood sugar swings stabilize, and take Holy Basil before bed to sleep like a baby. A good night's sleep speeds recovery up, too.

Hang in there. Your body needs time to detox!!