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I've been detoxing from aspartame for about 9 days now. I chewed gum everyday for over 8 years.  My hands shake a little, diarrhea, and my mouth was swollen on one side for about 2 days and I all of a sudden had really bad cramps in my lower abdomen, I barely get cramps normally and they are never that bad, I finished my period 2 weeks ago.  I keep having muscle twitches too. I've been taking vitamin supplements to help prevent tissue damage while detoxing. I was wondering how bad you think my symptoms could get and if there's anything I can do to help them?

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I'm in my 5th day without aspartame and I am experiencing the lower abdominal pain and cramps too. Yesterday they were so bad I could barely stand. Seem to be better now.

Apart from this I also have this painful sensation and weakness in my knees and some pain in my hips. Anyone experiencing anything similar?

Also I was wondering in terms of diet if anyone know what foods to eat and to avoid until this poison is gone from my body.

Good luck everyone smile

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Hang in there and don't stop this new program. It has to get out of your body and your brain and organs. It will take a few weeks or months if it's in there deep and if you used alot for a long time. Especially the powdered forms - they are really potent.

The headaches and body aches stopped after about 6 weeks for me, but it actually took close to a year for me to feel perfectly normal. I did notice a huge improvement after 6- weeks, though. Everyday I just felt more normal.

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hi nash, i'm on my 4th week now, i am just starting to feel a bit normal,i still have these weird feeling sometimes, but nothiong like it was the 1st few weeks, my adominal pain is about 80% better and the nausea is gone than goodness, i am into my 5 th week of no aspartame now,boy do feel alot better,hang in there, it really takes alot of time and patience, its not something that goes away after a few days, i comsumes alot of aspartame for me will probablyh takes few months or so!!!!Take care, any more qestions feel free to ask, i ;loved to hear form other people who are goin through the same thing!!!

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I am glad you are seeing the positive results now. You said it, Casey - it takes time and patience. Realistically, give your body all the time it needs to restore the damage done from a diet of toxic chemicals. It's hungry for the real deal, and it will take time to recover. But, you are already feeling the relief, and your body will thank you for this.