Topic: Is it safe to lose weight during pregnancy?

This is a common question but it depends on the factors. Like if a pregnant woman is already overweight then it is safe but it must be under the supervision of your medical care provider. Another common question is how much weight to gain during pregnancy and how? On average 25 to 30 pounds are ideal to gain. You can gain it by having five to six small meals in a day. Try to have snacks, dry fruits or cheese at hand. Eat peanut butter spread on toast, apples, and bananas. For about hundred calories can be gain by having one table spoon of creamy peanut butter.

Re: Is it safe to lose weight during pregnancy?

Well, this works for blood sugar drops, but these days, peanut butter isn't what it used to be. It's filled with many toxic chemicals. If you use a nut butter, pick almond butter, maybe, from the fresh markets.