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I am 38 years old and have been diagnosed with a moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears.  I first learned that my hearing was declining when I was 32.  At 38, it had worsened.  I now wear a hearing aid in both ears.  I just assumed it was genetic and accepted my fate.  Looking back, I wonder if aspartame played a role in it.  I began drinking diet sodas when I was 28 or 29 and by 32, it was recommended I get a hearing aid.  Coincidence?  I don't know.  I know this, I continued drinking diet sodas and 6 years later my hearing loss worsened and the specialist really couldn't say why someone at my age would lose their hearing at the rate that I was, without having any trauma.   And, it was steadily declining - no signs of stabling or tapering off.  I doubt that I'll ever regain what was lost, but next year when I complete another hearing test, I can only hope that it stayed the same or improved somewhat.  It would be truly sad if aspartame caused this - knowing now that it was something I could have controlled.  In addition to this, I had requested a MRI to see if a cause could be determined, maybe something in my brain was causing this.  It came back that I had a 1cm cyst on my pineal gland.  The doc said this would not have caused my hearing loss and that it was just an incidental finding.  I will be having another MRI next year to see whether it's growing, shrinking, or no longer there.  I'm hoping that with the removal of the aspartame and detoxing that it just goes away!  I don't believe I have had any symptoms as a result from it . . . yet.


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How does your doc know aspartame isn't the cause? He can't know that; docs typically don't know anything about aspartame because the AMA tells them to avoid the issue. So, they do. So, if he knows nothing about aspartame, how can he say it isn't the cause???  Urg. I get so frustrated with the shortsightedness of some people and the lack of curiosity. Plus, don't you think he wants you to get better - really get well? If so, why wouldn't he be willing explore anything and everything that might help you. Plus, he could learn more about a chemical that might be the cause of this tragedy and very sad experience for you at such a young age. 

First of all, get on the net and go to the library to research all you can about the dangers of methanol and the effects it has on the eyes and ears. Then, consider that you may have a genetic weak link in the ear canal or with the formation of your ears during fetal development, and consider that weakness was exacerbated by the methanol in the aspartame you used for many years. Hey, if someone has skin cancer, do they sunbath?  Well, if you have a weakness in your hearing, do not use aspartame - a neurotoxin known to effect the brain.

Remove all food chemicals, even food dyes, and feed your body a whole foods diet and take natural supplements that stimulate your immune system and supply more oxygen to your blood. See if your hearing issues get better. I hope they do!

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I started to have hearing problems in my early 20's (as I mentioned in my previous post).  I didn't realise how many products actually contain aspartame, even bottled water (the ones that say a hint of lime or other flavors). 

After cutting out every product with Aspartame in it (and in fact any artifical sweeteners) I noticed a massive improvement within a week. 

I suffered for 10 years and was basically told it was my own fault.

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Hearing aids are a style of hearing instrument, sometimes they can be expensive but they help you to improve the quality of life and is the best treatment for your hearing problems.

Re: Hearing Loss - you said it! The AMA docs have been told to stay out of the aspartame and diet sweetener fight. This is a serious problem and a sign of weakness of integrity. Anything that causes, and at the very least, contributes to threatening human health needs to be addressed. For the medical society to drop the ball on this is criminal to me. This toxin is costing millions of people time and money, and it is weakening an already weak health care system. It's time to take the power and money away from the Big Pharma.