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Well giving a update on my progress without aspartame, its 3 months now, boy do i feel so muchhhhhhhhh better,my depression is lifting, my anxiety is gone, muscle twitches gone, bad stomach is completely gone, and the dizzy feelings and funny feelings are gone, boy i am so happy to be rid of this stuff, it caused me alot of health problems and as i talk to others they are saying the sam i know so many people that have givin up aspartame as well and yes i sleep well which was my biggest problem for a long time,but in my experience coming off this stuff was nasty for me 1st 6 weeks, just like coming off a drug or something, but now i feel better so totally worth it!!!!!!!!


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I had been eating and drinking aspartame products for about 3 decades and have been off since March 25.  I have been diagnosed with alopecia and a chronic low white count.  After the loss of all my hair I started to listen to the people telling me to stop the product. Since then I have been taking vitamins and supplements suggested by Dr. Hull since the end of April.  The first weeks were difficult for me too. Vomiting and flu like symptoms.  Having lost all of my hair, I was unable to get a hair analysis.  I think in the next few weeks I should have enough hair growth to send it in!!  I cannot wait to learn more of what is going on.  I am so appreciative for the wisdom and guidance of Dr. Hull and the others on the message board.  I know it will take a long time, but for the first time in a long time I have hope that I will get some answers that the medical community could not give me.  Keep it up. You are right - it is worth it!

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Casey. Congratulations!!!!! This is the proof that people need to BELIEVE that aspartame is really, really, toxic!

PK, WOW!!! I have been in this "fight" for over 20 years, and stories like yours and Casey's just warm my heart. YOU make this fight worth fighting!!!!

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Join the club, guys!!!! And you what???? Dr. Hull has almost single-handedly kept this issue going for over 15 years. Go, Dr. Hull! And thank you. You have gotten alot of nasty comments and negative actions from the "mainstream" for your efforts -  but more happy endings to make it worth the struggle you have had.